Broadband Native is dedicated to improve the quality and delivery of voice calls. We provide tailored service for your telecom needs whether you are a national telecom or VoIP provider. We terminate millions of minutes monthly and offer tier 1 grade routes.

We stand for quality, security and pro-active account management.

Our routes classes offer enormous advantages for your business. We combine high quality of service with competitive prices. We operate multi redundant SONUS platforms and terminate millions of minutes monthly.

Voice offerings

Check out the High end VoIP termination we offer

  • Wholesale

  • Standard

  • Premium

Wholesale Routes

Lowest possible rate, reasonable or no guaranteed quality. Contact us for rates and dialing formats.

Standard Routes

Low rate, fast free and high quality termination. Contact us for rates and dialing formats.

Premium Routes

Superior voice termination with dynamic routing, IVR free. Contact us for rates and dialing formats.